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Duke the Wonder Horse

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Duke the Wonder Horse is a tale of love, separation and finding one’s place in the world. Written by Gabrielle Baker and her real life experiences, with the real life Duke, this book is the perfect addition to your child’s bookshelf.

This book is ideal for both girls and boys alike. Its words are filled with light and shade and the illustrations are the perfect compliment to the feelings of acceptance and happiness that Duke finds along his journey.

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Duke the Wonderful Companion

Grab your copy of “Duke the Wonder Horse” for your Kindle. You can also read the story on your mobile device through the Kindle app which can be found in the iTunes app store and on Google Play. Duke the Wonder Horse is a wonderful story for girls and boys of all ages and will make the perfect addition to your digital book shelf.


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A story about finding your place

Making new friends and settling in is all part of Duke’s experience!

In the story of “Duke the Wonder Horse” your child will follow along with Duke as he experiences new emotions. Along the way Duke finds acceptance and love with a caring and kind group of family and friends. The story is highly relatable to children of all ages and will demonstrate that with, kindness and love, any challenge that a person faces can be over come. Acceptance and understanding are also strong themes throughout the story allowing your child to learn and grow through the relatable nature of the story.
Duke the Wonder Horse on Amazon Purchase Your Copy Today

Customer Reviews

Some of the reviews for Duke the Wonder Horse

My daughter loves the story of Duke. She relates to the emotions of separation as well as the acceptance and kindness that Duke experiences. A beautiful story that is a pleasure to share with her.
Robert Brus, Dad to a 9-Year old daughter
My son Brayden loves the illustrations and can tell me exactly what Duke is feeling as we read the story. It’s so nice to see him express his feelings and I know that Duke helps him to do this so nicely.
Donna Nassour, Mum to a 4-Year old son